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Join the Water
Consciousness Project!


Welcome from Amanda, Lynn, Kerri, Susan and Ruth!

We came together with many creative, holistic, wellness, and spiritual practices.

We shared an interest to raise the life force and frequency of ourselves and communities.

We soon discovered that we could make a positive difference offering gratitude and appreciation to ourselves, bodies of water and troubled communities in the area.

Now we invite you to join us on our water clearing journey.

Get class handouts that we use to raise the frequency of ourselves and water. 

You will:

  • Discover how a small Earth Energy Group has UNITED for a single purpose to help boost the frequency of water and life of our community.
  • Discover how and why we ACTIVATE water to its natural vibrancy.
  • Receive a demonstration on our water CHARGING methods.
  • Get an introduction of who we are through a water AWARENESS meditation.
  • Drool over some consciousness raising tools used to MEASURE the frequency and life force of water.
  • On Zoom at the AWAKEN EXPO Sunday June 6th 2021 watch a live demo of how we CLEAR water in our cells, water containers, lakes and streams.
  • Experience Water Consciousness Project exercises in this class you can use to BOOST the frequency and life in your cells and water sources.
  • Get a sneak peak of the other projects we are doing:

  • Property clearing of stresses and energy drains in the property.

  • Emotion Code to remove stresses in the body.
  • Art we are creating called ORGONITE that uses organic, high vibrational materials that charges intentions and clears water.
  2. Remote energy clearing of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
  3. Scroll down to get your handout before the class.

    (*We'll send you the handouts as soon they are available.)
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Join The Water Consciousness Project! Handout

Get an overview of what we taught at our AWAKEN EXPO class.
(Signup and get the hand out in your in box before the AWAKEN EXPO Water Consciousness class.)

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Property Clearing!

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get booked for your free remote Property Clearing session over the phone and email. We'll need the names of the people in your land and permission to clear negative earth stresses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to clear the geopathic stresses in ourselves and others through water sources, properties, homes and our lives.